In South Park

 Colorado's South Park is a place that I hold very near and dear. I have spent a lot of time in this are and fished the area with my Grandpa and now fish it with my son.

    South Park is one of those areas that people pass through on their way to someplace fancier or more "dramatic". The beauty of Bayou Salado is not as obvious but drive southward over Kenosha Pass on 285 and you are treated to a vista that is overwhelming.

Watercolor on 300# Lanaquarelle paper.

 Double matted $650.00

Framed in a slim black wood frame $750.00


Spruce sketch

Englemann Spruce sketch.

I painted this watercolor on a recent camping trip. As much as i love painting in the studio I love painting outdoors a little bit more.

The Way Back a work in progress

I am just now finishing up this watercolor inspired by a fishing trip with my son. The scene is  set near Kite Lake, a high-mountain lake above Alma, Colorado. 


watercolor on paper      11 x 15" 

The Way Back    a work in progress

A new drawing

The Recital            This is a drawing of my son at his guitar recital. A watercolor of this scene is showing itself  right now.

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  A very kind woman recently remarked that I am a master of watercolor and for that kindness I am  truly thankful. But. I am concerned that the term 'master' carries with it an implication or indictment of finality, that in mastering something there is no longer anything in the medium to be discovered. One of the reasons that watercolor fascinates is the possibility of something new. Bob Ross spoke of  "happy accidents " and that happiness is something I look forward too.